Bucket Groups

Organizing Buckets in to Bucket Groups


Bucket Groups provide a way of organising cases into groups across and end-to-end business process. It’s common to have multiple buckets at each process stage, to handle cases which are behaving in standard and non standard ways. For example when an application for a new product or service is captured, the buckets representing those cases could contain applications which have complete data, or applications where important information is missing and needs follow up.

  1. From the Case Template Overview screen, e.g Claims -> Overview, click the green (+) button next to Bucket Group at the top of the screen.
  2. Give the bucket group a name
  3. Click the Buckets tab
  4. To add a bucket into group click the green (+) button on the bucket. To remove the bucket, click the red (-) button.
  5. You can reorder buckets by dragging and dropping.

Finally click the Create Bucket Group button to finish.