Creating & Managing Buckets

How to create a new bucket

Buckets are created from the Case Template Overview screen in Caseblocks.

To get to the Case Templatew Overview screen select a Case Template from the Left Hand Menu, for example "Orders" in the screenshot below. Doing so will reveal the Overview option. Click "Overview" and then click the green (+) button next to Bucket at the top of the screen.

Creating Buckets

Bucket Details

The details tab will ask you to provide a name for the new bucket, and an optional description. Here are some examples of good bucket names:

  • New Orders This Week
  • Orders Ready for Shipping
  • Claims Awaiting Assessment
  • Rejected Payments

Bucket Details

Display Fields

Display fields control which columns are displayed in your new bucket. If you leave the Pick your fields empty then Caseblocks will display all fields configured in the schema.

You can customise the list by clicking the Add a new field button and choosing a fieldset and field. To remove a field click the red X alongside the field name.

Display Fields

Sorting Buckets

The default sort order of a bucket is controlled via Fields tabs.

To change the sort order of the bucket, hold down the SHIFT key and click the arrows alongside the field names. Clicking the same arrow multiple times will change the order from asceding to descending for that particular field.

Grouping By Field

The Group By Field feature allows you to show a panel above the bucket which will display the number of cases in the bucket grouped by that specific field. Examples of use are:

  • All Claims, grouped by Current State
  • All Orders, grouped by Ship to Country



Advanded Queries

In most scenarios, normal queries using the Criteria tab should be sufficient. Advanced bucket queries are useful when you need access to more powerful conditional logic, such as OR-clauses.

The Advanced Query syntax is explained in its own section.

Advanced Queries